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Shoulder - Arthroscopic Surgery

Many shoulder conditions can be effectively treated with minimally invasive arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery. While minimally invasive, this is only considered once non surgical techniques are found to be ineffective in treating the condition. Arthroscopic surgery means day-case procedures and rapid return to function. However, the surgery on its own is never adequate and a collaborative relationship between surgeon, physiotherapists and patient is the key to success

Shoulder - Arthroplasty and Open Surgery


Although many surgical procedures around the shoulder and elbow are now performed through arthroscopic techniques, complex surgery such as shoulder replacements still require

It is just a very little bone. Almost inconsequential when looking at it; but I recall well the words of my chief resident at Duke, Dr. Greg Mencio, who, after we had struggled through an open Bankart stabilization in 1986, told me, “Mallon, God did not intend us to operate on the glenoid.” He was prescient in that regard, as this very little bone has been the source of many problems about the shoulder.
— William J. Mallon, MD (Editor-in-Chief) Journal Of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. DOI:



Elbow problems are more infrequent when compared to shoulder problems in adult populations. However, many problems do cause symptoms around the elbow joints. These can be related to overuse tendinosis e.g. tennis elbow, wear and tear related, e.g. arthritis, sequel from past injuries etc. Effective treatment is usally nonsurgical, but both arthrospcoic and open surgery can be useful in treatment of these conditions

Shoulder and Elbow Trauma

I know you say if it was yours you would not fix it, its not yours, its mine. Fix it
— Dr Nick Greenwood - Consultant Anaesthetist

Shoulder and elbow trauma is common. From simple falls to high speed road traffic accidents, fractures of the scapula, clavicle, humerus as well as the radius and ulna occur. Soft tissue injuries range from rotator cuff tears to ligament injuries resulting in dislocated joints. Major trauma often benefits from early surgical intervention to stabilise bone and soft tissue and allow rapid return to function. A range of implants are used for external or internal fixation.



Physiotherapy is essential for treating most shoulder and elbow problems. Improving range of movement, increasing muscle power, and improving movement pattern are the main goals of physiotherapy. Movement speed and kinetic-chain activation are also important considerations.

We have developed automated physiotherapy tools with exergames

TECHNOLOGY and Healthcare applications

The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. Healthcare has benefited immensely from technical solutions, but many solutions are not successful leading to waste. Understanding clinical pathways and processes is critical to success of technology solution.

Understanding of necessary regulatory aspects regarding medical devices as well as governance of the data these systems generates to be a consideration in the design of the system, not an afterthought

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