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Virtual Clinics & PROMs 2.0


Outcome based virtual Clinics

Capturing outcome data is a fundamental step in advancing the quality and benefits of surgical care. Collecting this information over the whole UK population with different technological abilities and cultural diversity is a formidable challenge.

Patients attend a number of review clinic appointments following a surgical procedure. Many of these patients will be progressing well and improving as anticipated. Patients may feel that they are doing well and that extra clinic appointments add no value to their care but require some reassurance that they are improving as expected. Can we give patients clear information about their progress and offer them choice regarding their post-surgical care?

The PROMs 2.0 innovation solution facilitates the collection of validated outcome measures following surgery. This information is presented to patients and clinicians in a form they can understand and use. This new, multi-format patient communication system liberates patient rated outcome measures (PROMs) from distant, academic research applications to give patients accurate and relevant information about their progress following a procedure. This information is used to target individuals who need to be reviewed in clinic and can reduce unnecessary clinic attendances.

Clinicians can customise the system according to their individual practice. Patients listed for surgery are entered onto the secure database and a set of pre and post-op PROM assessments are generated. Automatic e-mail links are sent or phone calls made to each patient at pre-determined time points. Patients can compare their current, previous and pre-op scores and can see average scores for their specific procedure. This valuable information is also available to the treating clinician in the office or in clinic. A letter is automatically created with the outcome information and sent to the patients GP.

Where a patient’s score is satisfactory, they are reassured about good progress and can choose to avoid an unnecessary clinic visit. However, if they wish to be seen, this is organised as usual. Where a score is not satisfactory, the patient is informed of the result and a review clinic appointment is arranged to check for any problems. The system captures data about the quality of the intervention and also allows comparison of results between various groups i.e. clinicians, providers, subgroup of patients etc.

This system combines broad access with adaptability and automation to improve clarity and communication with patients and to focus resources where clinical need exists. This system can gather outcome data via e-mail, phone, and mail or directly in clinic and therefore can be used with patients of all levels of communication and technical ability. The software can be adapted to use any PROM and activate at any specified time points for any intervention. Once patient details are entered, assessments and GP documents are automatically generated, reducing the burden of administration. Patients and clinicians get a clear measure of quality of intervention, complementing their post surgical care and adding value to the service. In addition, unnecessary clinic visits can be avoided. The other major aspect of this innovation is in the fact that it allows real time comparative analysis of the quality of intervention based on organisation, clinician, specific patient groups etc.

National PROMs Summit

With the success of our PROMs project, we hosted The first National PROMs summit in 2012 in collaboration with Healthcare conferences.

The 7th, 2018 Conference in London had good delegate feedback, with a 100% of delegates rating the conference as good or excellent.

Educative good networking
V useful topic. Much needed in healthcare sector. V good event
V interesting and informative day, as always
V good, interesting mix of specialists and approaches
Survey too long – too many questions
Always excellent
Excellent content. Well delivered
Excellent day. Improved by further broadening of focus esp to multiple co-morbidities in primary care
Lots of learning of the clinical and system level, thank you
Informative for me
Excellent organisation with a good mix of speakers. Please ensure other specialities that use PROMs are represented
Really interesting speakers. They deserved a much bigger audience!
Generally great – love the focus on case studies of where PROMs is done well
V interesting
Good, could include wider variety of PROMs use outside of clinical use
Would like to have had opportunity to see main stream presentation as well as optional masterclass
Good start but still not enough innovation?? Of primary care and many specialities
— National PROMs Summit Dec 2018 - Delegate Feedback