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Terms and Conditions for CONSULTATIONS

T&C for our patients

This page contains information regarding the financial aspects associated with private treatment with Mr Roy. Please see The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) for general principlesof private care.

New Patient Consultation (Out-Patient Department) : £200

Follow-up Patient Consultation (Out-Patient Department) : £130

The hospital charges may be fully covered if you are on an appropriate insurance scale (without any specific exclusion). You should have confirmed this with your insurance company and obtained a pre-authorisation number. Should your policy have an “excess” you will be responsible for that proportion of the final account and this may be payable to either the hospital or your consultant(s).

The hospital will explain the details of their billing procedure and their account is separate from the accounts that will eventually be sent by Mr. Roy, her anaesthetist or any other specialist that may see you. Mr Roy works with certain anaesthetic colleagues and this teamwork is a reflection of good clinical practice. You do have the choice of anaesthetist but the vast majority of patients accept their surgeon’s recommendation. If your care involves surgery, tshe anaesthetist will be introduced to you when you come in.

The surgical and anaesthetic fees may be fully reimbursed by your insurance company but you must appreciate that there are many different levels of cover by various insurance companies for the same procedure. Should, therefore, there be a shortfall in the reimbursement of consultant fees you are responsible for that shortfall.