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Charles Neer: On the giant of the shoulder

Louis U. Bigliani, MD, Robert H. Cofield, MD, Evan L. Flatow, MD, Hiro-aki Fukuda, MD, Richard J. Hawkins, MD, Frederick A. Matsen III, MD, David S. Morrison, MD, Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD Russell F. Warren, MD


In the world of orthopedics, certain giants have become known as associated with a single subspecialty or for work on a single joint. Among these are John Charnley, for his work on total hip arthroplasty, and Amory Codman, for his work on the shoulder. But in the second half of the 20th century, the true giant of shoulder surgery was Charles Neer. His contributions to our subspecialty may not have been surpassed by any orthopedic surgeon for any subspecialty. This article explores his life and his contributions to shoulder surgery from those who knew him best.